Strong shots and long shots, cont’d

I was out-of-pocket this weekend when Scott started a series in which he drew attention to important congressional races, with links to contribution pages of the Republican candidates involved. Here are a few races I would like to highlight, along with their status, according to Larry Sabato’s latest ratings:
Jackie Walorski against Rep. Joe Donnelly in Indiana’s Second Congressional District (leans Democratic).
Todd Young against Rep. Baron Hill in Indiana’s Ninth Congressional District (toss-up).
Keith Fimian against Rep. Gerry Connolly in Virginia’s Eleventh Congressional District (leans Democratic).
Jaime Herrera against Denny Heck in Washington’s Third Congressional District (leans Republican).
Jim Renacci against Rep. John Boccieri in Ohio’s Sixteenth Congressional District (toss-up).
All four of the incumbent Democrats in these races — Donnelly, Hill, Connolly, and Boccieri — voted in favor of Obamacare.


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