The Democrats’ Problem

This year’s election is all about the economy, and everyone understands the Democrats’ position: they want the government to extend its power over the economy at the expense of private enterprise. The economy encompasses a number of discrete political issues–federal spending, expanded regulation, bailouts, political favoritism–but the Democrats’ position is always the same.
The problem is that a huge majority of the American people reject the premise that it is a good idea to entrust more power over the economy (which is to say, our lives) to the government. Scott Rasmussen finds that by more than 2 1/2 to one, Americans think the federal government has too much influence over the economy, rather than too little. The result would probably be even more resounding among likely voters. Likewise, by a two to one margin, 56%-28%, Americans think “the government is involved in too many things that would be better handled by the private sector.” On the most important issues of the day, the Democrats are at odds with the American people to an extent that even their vast war chest will not be able to overcome.


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