Dirty Rotten Democrats

South Jersey’s Third Congressional District was Republican for a long time. After Jim Saxton retired, however, the seat was claimed by Democrat John Adler. Adler is still serving his first term, but he knows he is sailing into headwinds in his reelection campaign. He means to keep his seat any way he can.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. South Jersey’s Courier-Post newspaper now reports that the Adler campaign recruited a fake third-party candidate (Peter DeStefano) to draw votes from Jon Runyan, the Republican candidate opposing Adler.
The fake third-party candidate is a picture framer from Mount Laurel who appears on the ballot representing the NJ Tea Party. Democratic Party operatives are thick in the mix, a fact featured prominently in Roh’s original story on the matter.
Roh’s work is deserving of something like a Pulitzer Prize, but I doubt that it will get anything like the publicity it deserves. Roh helpfully quotes one Democratic operative providing the explanation for what has transpired: “The goal was to take 5 percent of Runyan’s vote.” The AP covers the story here.
Roh follows up on yesterday’s story with a story today on Runyan’s reaction. Runyan’s excellent site compiles campaign news and draws attention to the Courier-Post story in one catchy word: “FRAUD.” Plase consider supporting Runyan’s campaign with a contribution here.
Via Instapundit/Legal Insurrection and reader Jerold Blum.