Strong shots and long shots, cont’d

Randy Demmer against Tim Walz in Minnesota’s First Congressional District. Rep. Kevin McCarthy writes about the race and touts Demmer as a Young Gun here. Contribute to Demmer here.
Rocket scientist Ruth McClung against Raul “Boycott Arizona” Grijalva in Arizona’s Seventh Congressional District. Jim Geraghty wrote about the race here. Join Ruth’s Goodbye Grijalva Moneybomb.
Beth Anne Rankin against Mike Ross in Arkansas’ Fourth Congressional District.
Dan Kapanke against Ron Kind in Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District.
Steve Chabot against Steve Driehaus in Ohio’s First Congressional District. This week the Democrats yanked over $500,000 in television advertising in Cincinnati stations in support of Driehaus. The most recent poll shows Chabot leading this race by 12 points.
Dee Adcock against Allyson Schwartz in Pennsylvania’s Thirteenth Congressional District.
Scott Bruun against Kurt Schrader in Oregon’s Fifth Congressional District.
Let’s get real. Bill Hudak against John Tierney in Massachusetts’s Sixth Congressional District. Tierney’s wife just pleaded guilty to four counts of aiding and abetting the filing of false tax returns for her brother, a federal fugitive who has been indicted on charges of illegal gambling and money laundering. What did Tierney know and when did he know it?
Let’s give it up once more once for Ilario Pantano against Democrat Mike McIntyre in North Carolina’s Seventh Congressional Distirct.
And let’s dream the impossible dream. Sean Bielat against Barney Frank in Massachusetts’s Fourth Congressional District. Let Barney retire to the Virgin Islands.


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