Minnick in trouble

On Friday, I wrote about Rep. Walt Minnick, the Democrat who represents Idaho’s first congressional district. Minnick is a “blue dog” Democrat whose votes against Obamacare and the stimulus caused the Tea Party Express to endorse him for re-election during the primary season.
But since then, Minnick has refused to support the repeal of Obamacare and refused to say that he will not support Nancy Pelosi as his party’s leader in the next Congress. Accordingly, last week the Tea Party Express withdrew its support for Minnick and endorsed his Republican opponent, Raul Labrador.
Now comes word that Minnick, who had been leading Labrador by 10 points, at present leads him only by 3, which is less than the poll’s margin of error. The poll was taken late last week, and I can’t tell whether the Tea Party Express’ decision around the same time to endorse Labrador had any impact on it.
In any event, with the tea party movement now involved in the race on Labrador’s side, and with independents constituting most of the undecideds, it seems clear that Minnick is in trouble.


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