Game, set, and match to the comedian

I plan to check out the Jon Stewart rally tomorrow in Washington. I’ll stay long enough to get a sense of the crowd size and a feel for the event. I also look forward to meeting some of the “million” “moderates” the Huffington Post will be busing in.
Stewart seems like an interesting case. I’ve seen him “debate” a few times and there is a pattern. He will argue until the other guy (e.g., Bill O’Reilly) starts to score. Then, he resorts to irony or outright shtick.
It’s a win-win proposition. Either Stewart holds his own with a politician or commentator of substance or he enhances his reputation as a funnyman and all-around cool guy.
It’s nice work if you can get it.
Stewart’s interview with President Obama is a good example. Obama had the better of the argument, such as it was. That’s not surprising, since the left’s critique of him, which Stewart advanced, is infantile. Obama is correct that he has passed groundbreaking lefty legislation (the most important since at least the 1960s; I would argue since the 1930s). Obama is correct that he didn’t promise that change beyond what he’s already accomplished would come quickly or easily. Obama is correct that the overall health of the economy has improved.
Stewart’s best argument? Ha, ha, you said “heckuva a job,” dude. These days, and certainly on this show, that’s game, set, and match to the comedian.


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