Things are going well in Ohio

Repubicans are having quite a good night in the bellwether state of Ohio. Steve Chabot is leading incumbent Dem Steve Driehaus in OH-1. Bill Johnson has a solid looking lead over incumbent Dem Charlie Wilson in OH-6. Steve Stivers is way ahead of lefty incumbent Dem Mary Jo Kilroy with more than half of the precincts counted in OH-15. Jim Rinacci has what seems like a commanding lead over incumbent Dem John Boccieri in OH-16. And in OH-18, Bob Gibbs has decisively taken down incumbent Zack Space.
In addition, of course, Rob Portman has flat-out crushed Lee Fisher to keep the Senate seat in Republican hands.
In the race for governor, John Kasich is in a dog fight with incumbent Ted Strickland, who must be a heck of a politician considering what’s happening on the rest of the ballot (including to his Lt. Gov. Fisher). But Kasich leads by 85,000 votes, 49-47, with 82 percent of precincts reporting.
UPDATE: Kasich completes the big Republican day in Ohio. He’s nearly 100,000 votes ahead and has been declared the winner by Fox News.


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