“Total write-in” wins wire to wire

With more than 98 percent of Alaska’s precincts counted (at least the first time), “total write-in” has a commanding 7 point lead over Joe Miller. That translates into more than 13,000 votes. So Lisa Murkowski (or should I say her voters?) has a decent margin for error as the vote counters decide which of the write-in votes are valid. By my math, she would win even if 15 percent of the write-in votes were deemed “spoiled” or went to another candidate.
If Murkowski does win, it will cap off a disappointing election for the most prominent Sarah Palin-backed candidates. Palin had an amazing primary season, with signature victories by Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Carly Fiorina, and Joe Miller in her home state. But three of these candidates have lost, and Miller is in trouble.
A great primary run followed by tough-sledding in the general election. Is this the shape of things to come for Palin?
CORRECTION: A reader reminds me that Palin did not endorse Angle in the Nevada primary.