Investigate this, Part Two

Thanks to the many readers who contributed ideas about which subjects the new House should investigate now that the Republicans are in control of that body. The leading issue so far is the auto industry bail out/takeover. One reader raised these questions:

Why did the government bailout GM and leave the underlying issues for their bankruptcy in place (ex – union pensions). Further, what were the criteria for the creation of the board of directors? What is the government’s plan for the future? Would they ever be willing to divest their interest in the company if it does not return to profitability without public money once the IPO is out?

Immigration came in second. As in this email:

One thing I’d like to see investigated is ICE, specifically the non-enforcement of immigration law, the dismissal of deportation procedures, the leaked memo from staffers and the Obama administration’s general backdoor amnesty approach. If there is one agency that demands congressional oversight it’s ICE.

I think both of these subjects are strong candidates to be investigated.
Other subjects received mention, but the auto industry and immigration were cited most frequently.


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