Downfall (post-election edition)

Sean Hannity claims he is advised by Democrats in a position to know “that the feeling among some people in the White House is that this president is unhinged, that he’s detached, that he’s losing it, he’s obsessed with critics, very specifically obsessed with Fox News, he can’t stand Biden, he hates the Clintons, the Clintons hate him.”
I’m not confident that Hannity has sources with first-hand knowledge of the situation inside the White House, but the view from the bunker is amazingly similar to the one Hannity’s informants describe.

New York Times Magazine columnist Virginia Heffernan’s take on “The Downfall” variations seems to me definitive: “Something in the spectacle of an autocrat falling to pieces evidently has widespread appeal.”
Via reader Wade Whitmer.
PAUL adds: Being unable to stand Joe Biden; hating the Clintons; being fixated on his most persistent set of critics; being into ESPN and his golf game (additional symptoms cited by Hannity). It all seems pretty normal to me.


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