The uses of Pfc Manning

Jed Babbin argues that Bradley Manning, the Army private alleged to have provided WikiLeaks with hundreds of thousands of State and Defense Department classified e-mails, has become the left’s “new face for the ‘injustice’ committed in America’s name.” Jed argues that Manning is perfect for the role because he enables leftists to indulge two of their pet views: that our justice system oppresses dissenters and that America, and by extension it secrets, is unworthy of protection. The fact that Manning is gay makes him an even more ideal “victim.”
Jed cites Code Pink, Daniel Ellsberg, and Glenn Greenwald as among those who are championing Manning. Greenwald has focused on allegations that Manning is being mistreated as a prisoner. His claims are in line with those presented by Manning’s lawyer to the U.N.’s “special rapporteur” on torture.
Jed counters as follows:

If [Manning’s lawyers and supporters] were interested in protecting Manning from torture, they would have complained to either of the IG’s who have the power — and the clear duty — to investigate the allegations. The IG is entirely independent by law. Commanders and civilian military chiefs cannot overrule his decisions to investigate, and it can have access to classified material at the highest levels. The IG can get access to the prisoner, get psychiatric experts to examine Manning, and interrogate any and all who are in charge of his imprisonment. The fact that the defense team has instead gone to the liberal media and UN make it clear that Manning’s condition is being maintained properly by professionals.
In [a] BBC debate, I asked Greenwald why there is no IG complaint, and he had no answer. I challenged him to make the complaint himself, which he could do if he has a legitimate reason to make the accusation. We shall see if he does. He probably won’t, because of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001. Under that law, knowingly making a false accusation to a federal law enforcement agency is a federal crime. I’m betting neither Greenwald nor any of the others involved will make that complaint.

That sounds like a good bet. The left’s fantasies about America and its system of justice are best preserved by not putting them to the test.


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