Another Attack On Cartoon Paper Thwarted

An “imminent” terrorist attack on the Jyllands-Posten newspaper in Copenhagen was stopped today, when police arrested five radical Muslims who, authorities say, intended to carry out a Mumbai-type attack on the newspaper’s headquarters by the weekend.
The plot was multinational, as three of those arrested are residents of Sweden and the terrorists are originally from Tunisia, Lebanon and Iraq. The suspects are reported to have links to one or more Muslim terrorist organizations. The plan, apparently, was to gain access to the Jyllands-Posten news room and kill as many people as possible with one or more automatic weapons.
The Jyllands-Posten, of course, is the newspaper that originally published cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed in 2005. What is depressing about today’s story is the persistence of the extremists. This is at least the fourth attempted attack on the paper or one of the cartoonists. In January, a terrorist broke into cartoonist Kurt Westergaard’s house, armed with an axe and a knife, but Westergaard hid in a locked room until he was rescued by police.
It will indeed be a long war.


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