Today is the day for resolutions. Mine promise to make 2011 a lot like 2010. They are heavy on negative admonitions, but I am confident they will do no harm and maybe even serve me well. I resolve:
1. Not to turn to Ezra Klein to clear up any confusion about the Constitution.
2. Not to turn to Ezra Klein, period.
3. To give E.J. Dionne the Ezra Klein treatment.
4. To give Paul Krugman the E.J. Dionne treatment.
5. Not to refer to President Obama’s egomania. I will stick with narcissism.
6. As the weather changes on a pretty much daily basis, to maintain equanimity in the face of unfalsifiable global warming.
7. Not to buy any vehicle made by General Motors.
8. Not to buy any vehicle made by Chrysler.
9. To look for hedges against inflation.
10. To end my numbered lists with an even number.
Best wishes for a happy 2011 to all our readers.