Almost, at times, the Fool

Steven Hayward invokes one of T.S. Eliot’s poems to explicate the low comedy of high global warming theory in “Why climate change reminds me of a T.S. Eliot poem.” You might have noticed that global warming has become an unfalsifiable hypothesis. Steve observes that “advocates of non-falsifiable hypotheses end up sleeping on park benches muttering about how ‘the Man,’ or the CIA chip in his head, or international bankers, or . . . someone, is keeping the truth under wraps.” The time is almost nigh.
Which Eliot poem does he invoke? Hint: It’s not “Hysteria.” It’s not “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” It’s not even “The Waste Land.” It’s one of the Four Quartets.
Via RealClearPolitics.


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