A footnote to the Jets-Patriots game

It turns out that Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker has a good sense of humor. Slyly alluding to Jets coach Rex Ryan’s apparent foot fetish, Welker worked in no fewer than 11 references to feet in his press conference this past Thursday. Each reference is in the cliched terms you might expect from a jock talking about the upcoming game, so the joke, if that is what it was, was pretty well concealed. Patriots Coach Bill Belichick confirmed that Welker was in fact taunting Ryan by benching Welker at the start of the game this afternoon.
I admire someone with a sly sense of humor, especially someone in the NFL. Here’s hoping that Welker gets a chance to put his best foot forward in the playoff game this afternoon, as Welker himself would be the first to say.
JOHN adds: It’s good to see wit get a toehold in the often-dreary NFL.


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