A period of madness

In his NRO Impromptus column this morning, Jay Nordlinger asserts:

You know what’s wrong with targets on maps — targets of the kind Sarah Palin used, and the Democratic congressional committee has used? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Not one thing. Neither is there anything wrong with talking about “campaigns,” “battleground states,” “bombshells,” and the like. You know the expression “Give it a shot”? Nothing wrong with it, not one thing.
The idea that targets on a map — indicating congressional districts ripe for the taking, or ripe for challenge — would instigate a person to commit mass murder (rather than, say, make a campaign contribution) is lunacy. Sheer lunacy.
This has been a mad couple of weeks . . .

But is the madness concluded? Not by a long shot, if I may say so.


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