Baier’s Boehner notes

Bret Baier has posted his notes from an on the record breakfast this morning with Speaker Boehner. The notes have several items of interest, including this one:

The Speaker was asked what the level of outreach had been from the President to him.. and he held up his hand and signaled ZERO. Asked “is that an OK sign?” – he said “no.. it’s zero.. none.. zilch.” He said he talked to the President for a few minutes on the day of the Tucson shooting but nothing after that.

Boehner also whiffed on a few softballs. “As for specific spending cuts — he repeatedly and insistently ducked.” Man, you ought to have five easy pieces to play in response to that question, including defunding Obamacare.
Here is another whiff:

Asked why he didn’t attend the state dinner for the Chinese President since he was invited — Boehner said “I really didn’t want to go to a long boring dinner.”

Surely he can do better than that. He might have had a problem with a state dinner for Hu. He might also have expressed relief, given Lang Lang’s piece, to have missed the Chinese disparagement of the United States (if that is what it was, as Allahpundit asks), or taken the opportunity now to speak up about it.


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