Moscow Airport Bombing Update

Russian authorities reportedly have identified at least one suspect in the Domodedovo Airport bombing:

Security sources have named an ethnic Russian Christian who converted to Islam as the prime suspect in Monday’s deadly suicide bombing at a Moscow airport.
Sources close to the investigation said that Vitaly Razdobudko, a 32-year-old from the southern Russian city of Stavropol, was being sought in connection with the attack, the Kommersant newspaper reported yesterday. It is not known whether Razdobudko is suspected of being the actual suicide bomber or an accomplice.
Razdobudko went missing in October last year, with his wife, according to police sources in Stavropol. …
Russian authorities have released little information, and eyewitness accounts diverge wildly. Some speak of a male suicide bomber, some of a female bomber; in some testimonies, the bomber detonated a suicide vest, while in others the bomb was in a suitcase.

It seems that, for some reason, Russia will always be authoritarian. This paragraph sums up a lot of Russian history:

The first official statement about the attack came yesterday afternoon, when a representative of Russia’s Anti-Terror Committee denied that security services had learnt of a possible attack before Monday, and attacked journalists for speculating on who might have been behind the blast. “Only the Investigative Committee can say what and how things happened, and everyone else should be silent,” a spokesman for the committee said.


Unconfirmed reports suggest that Russia believes the airport attackers may have been trained at al-Qa’ida camps on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistani media yesterday quoted sources in the country’s intelligence agency saying that officers from Russia’s security service, the FSB, had asked their Pakistani counterparts for information and support.


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