Reporting From CPAC

It’s been a busy day in Washington D.C. It started with Michele Bachmann’s keynote speech at CPAC. Michele did an excellent job; she got the crowd warmed up with a message that was 90 percent fiscal/economic, but also paid explicit tribute to Ronald Reagan’s three-legged stool. (I had to explain to a reporter from BBC Canada that the three-legged stool is a message of conservative unity, not division.) The Minneapolis Star Tribune had the good sense to ask my wife what she thought of Michele’s speech:

One disgraceful event took place today, when Ron Paul supporters–a blight on the Republican Party, in my opinion–booed Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld. Presumably they are just kids and will grow up soon.
More to come later; first, it is off to dinner and then the social highlight of the weekend, the GOProud party.


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