Voters Want Deeper Budget Cuts

Scott Rasmussen finds that voters are with the Republicans when it comes to cuts in President Obama’s budget. In fact, they want the GOP to cut deeper.
Fifty-five percent of likely voters say that Obama’s “cuts” don’t go far enough. Ten percent say it cuts too much, while twenty-six percent say it cuts about the right amount. President Obama has attempted to triangulate the budget and set himself up as the moderate, positioned between liberals who think he is cutting too much, and conservatives who think he is cutting too little. But if Rasmussen’s survey is correct, the group on Obama’s left comprises only ten percent of likely voters.
Voters, to the extent they think they are aware of the GOP’s budget plans, mostly believe the Republican cuts don’t go deep enough, either. Forty percent think the proposed Republican cuts are too small, while 28 percent say the Republicans would cut too much, and 18 percent think the proposed Republican cuts are about right.
This is more evidence that voters are ahead of the politicians when it comes to the budget. Republicans should do what they know is right–hold out for deep cuts–without fear of retribution at the ballot box.


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