Economic Facts and Fallacies

We don’t normally plug books we haven’t read yet, but I’m making an exception for Thomas Sowell’s Economic Facts and Fallacies. The second edition has just been published, and you can get it for a mere $9.55 from Amazon by following the link. Here is Amazon’s Product Description:

In Economic Facts and Fallacies, Thomas Sowell exposes some of the most popular fallacies about economic issues in a lively manner that does not require any prior knowledge of economics. These fallacies include many beliefs widely disseminated in the media and by politicians, such as fallacies about urban problems, income differences, male-female economic differences, as well as economic fallacies about academia, about race, and about Third World countries.
Sowell shows that fallacies are not simply crazy ideas but in fact have a certain plausibility that gives them their staying power–and makes careful examination of their flaws both necessary and important.

In my view, Thomas Sowell is not only one of our greatest intellectuals, but an actual hero in the struggle for freedom.


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