How to support Justice Prosser

Yesterday at noon National Review posted a good editorial on the next front in the battle of Wisconsin: the election pitting incumbent Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser against Joanne Kloppenburg. Kloppenburg has all but vowed to toe the union line on the budget repair bill if she makes it to the court. Her campaign is inimical to the rule of law, and the larger campaign supporting her is, as the NR editorial makes out, a disgusting exercise in vilification and dishonesty.
Justice Prosser has accepted public financing for his campaign and therefore cannot accept contributions. The NR editorial advises: “[Y]ou can help his campaign by helping the Wisconsin Club for Growth (donate here) or donating to Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (donate online here; fax donation form here).”
NR’s editorial omits the date of the election. It’s next Tuesday, April 5. I don’t know how late contributions can be made and still have an impact on the race, but today would seem to be the latest.
UPDATE: John Nolte has much more on the union thuggery on behalf of Kloppenburg.


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