Tax Day 2011

Across the country today, Tea Party groups held rallies to commemorate Tax Day. In Madison, Wisconsin, Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin addressed the crowd. Unions turned out counter-protesters who tried to drown out the speakers with noisemakers. Ann Althouse took this photo:
That sums up the left pretty well: liberals have more or less given up on winning arguments. They just want to shut the rest of us up.
This tea partier was in Concord, New Hampshire. Her sign sums up the movement:
You might think those are mainstream sentiments, but AFP didn’t try to hide what it thinks of the movement in the caption that accompanied a video taken in Massachusetts:

April 15 was tax day in the United States, and Tea Party radicals used it to stage demonstrations across the country, including near the site of the original Boston Tea Party revolt of the colonial era.

Spending our country into bankruptcy? Sensible! Trying to get a handle on our national debt? Radical! Such is the topsy-turvy political world in which we live.