Clarity in Chile

Chile has squelched a constitutional amendment affording public employee unions collective bargaining rights and a “right” to strike. Even some of the lefties who dominate the senate didn’t want to touch it. Perhaps the thugs at work in Wisconsin have tarnished the supposed “right” to collective bargaining for public employees.
In any event, Chile has dragged itself up from the third world to the first in the last three decades by promoting economic freedom and free trade. And Chile is holding on to the keys to its success: “On global economic freedom rankings, Chile stands near the top — in part because its public employees can’t run up debt or corrupt the political process. The existing constitution makes Chile a full right-to-work country and expressly prohibits government collective bargaining and public employee strikes.”
Found by the editors of Investor’s Business Daily in Chile’s Spanish-language press: “Clarity in Chile.”


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