“Weather is Not Climate Unless People Die”

Further to John’s post below about how Think Panic, I mean, Think Progress, immediately defaulted to global warming as the certain explanation of the recent tornado outbreak, it is worth noting Roger Piekle Jrs’ blog post about this issue, “Weather Is Not Climate Unless People Die.”
I’ve mentioned Roger here on Power Line before for his unique role as an honest scientist; he believes in the global warming hypothesis, thinks we should do something about it, but hates it when scientists and activists make extravagant claims with no science or data to back them up. After this short post there’s not much left of Think Panic’s alarums. Roger offers data, especially this chart showing the declining number of fatalities from tornados over the last several decades:
P.S. Hat tip to my AEI partner Ken Green for coming up with the “Think Panic” moniker. His takedown is pretty good, too, as it offers a “Ghostbusters” reference.


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