Calling Paul Ryan

Professor Paul Rahe has qualms about the current field of Republican presidential candidates. He also thinks that Paul Ryan may be the man of the moment. He set forth his case over at Ricochet in “Paul Ryan: A duty to serve.” I share Professor Rahe’s qualms, so his thoughts are of particular interest to me, but It’s a powerful post that in any event warrants serious consideration.
Michael Barone took the issue up directly with Rep. Ryan following his recent talk on foreign policy at the Alexander Hamilton Society. (Professor Rahe praised Ryan’s speech here.) Barone reports that Rich Lowry also took the issue up with Rep. Ryan in the colloquy following the speech. Professor Rahe comments in “Drafting Congressman Ryan.”
Professor Rahe concludes: “This is Paul Ryan’s moment. He stands on the cusp of greatness. He needs to seize the time.”


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