The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Live From Right Online

Yesterday Brian Ward and I attended the Right Online conference in Minneapolis. I spoke during the opening main session and took the opportunity to plug the Power Line Prize. Brian and I then interviewed Steve Bannon, director of the movie The Undefeated, about Sarah Palin. Steve was a terrific interview; unfortunately, the audio quality suffered from the hotel’s limited wireless bandwidth. We finished off the day by listening to James O’Keefe talk, entertainingly, about his video adventures.
Last night we attended a fun party hosted by James Lileks, with Andrew Breitbart as the guest of honor. During the party, Mitch Berg shot this photo of me, with Brian in the foreground. I evidently had just viewed something horrifying, but I can’t recall what it was. Mitch, by the way–you are an awful photographer!
Right Online continued today. James Hohmann of Politico returned to his native Minnesota to cover it, along with the lefty Nutroots convention that took place just two blocks away. James posted this account of Michele Bachmann’s speech today:

Bachmann brought down the house. She got a standing ovation as she entered to Katy Perry’s song “Firework.” About a third of the room jumped to their feet when she said she was running for president. …
When Bachmann said the country needs a different kind of leader, someone in the crowd yelled “You!” …
She accused the president of deliberately wanting to bankrupt Medicare, the same message she delivered Friday night in a speech in New Orleans.
“Here’s the dirty little secret,” she said. “I believe that President Obama’s plan is that Medicare obviously won’t be able to continue, and so senior citizens won’t have Medicare. They’ll be rolled into Obamacare. That’s the future of senior citizens in this country. And nobody has told this story.”
Shudders went through the rapt crowd, and an older woman yelled “wow.”

Tim Pawlenty addressed today’s crowd too. His theme was that the candidates’ records should do the talking, and he “took on public worker benefits and cut government spending ‘before it was cool and popular.'”
For more, check out today’s episode of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience. It includes our interview with Steve Bannon, as well as this week’s Loon and Gatekeeper. You can get the Experience by subscribing via iTunes, through the mobile app Stitcher, or via Feedburner (if you use a non-iTunes podcatcher, go there). There’s a direct link on Ricochet. Or you can listen right here:


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