Good Poll News For Pawlenty?

Regular readers know that I am a fan of former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty and have been frustrated by his failure, so far, to make much of a dent in the polls. So this poll result, noted by the Wall Street Journal, is interesting:

[A] new poll of registered voters in Minnesota from SurveyUSA shows he does well against President Obama. The poll, conducted late last week, put Mr. Pawlenty in a dead heat with President Obama in a head to head matchup. This is the same Minnesota that voted for Obama by a margin of 11 points in 2008.

Minnesota is not, of course, a significant state in terms of winning the GOP nomination, but Pawlenty’s strong showing suggests a couple of positive implications: voters, even in blue states, are giving up on President Obama and are willing to look at Republican alternatives; and Pawlenty is viewed positively by those who know him best. The same poll, in contrast, had Michele Bachmann losing to Obama by a whopping 14 points.
Now Pawlenty just needs to start making headway with Republicans in Iowa and New Hampshire.