Civil rights for the Age of Obama

KUSI reporter Tom Jordan met up with civil rights hustler Al Sharpton in San Diego talking about the city’s pension reform initiative. Sharpton had a nine-minute chat with Jordan that, according to KUSI, “became a bit heated.” KUSI has edited the conversation down to five minutes of comedy gold.

Sharpton says the city’s proposed pension reform initiative is a civil rights violation, and that attention should instead be placed on taxing the wealthy. Jordan asks a few tough questions that stump Sharpton. Sharpton’s AFSCME minder — AFSCME International Secretary Lee Saunders — jumps in to lend Sharpton a hand, but Jordan stays on Sharpton’s case. Jordan not only stays on the case. He exposes a bit of Sharpton’s demagoguery. As Sharpton complains that Jordan is trying to debate him, we can’t be far from Sharpton alleging that Jordan is violating Sharpton’s civil rights.

FOOTNOTE: No post featuring Sharpton should fail to cite Jay Nordlinger’s NR profile “Power Dem.”