A Power Line Moment of Zen

Jon Stewart frequently signs off the Daily Show with “a moment of zen,” which is typically the opposite of what I understand Zen to be, but whatever.  Seems to me we can play that game, too.  This short video clip shows two California gray whales frolicking and spouting off; I shot it yesterday from the deck of my house out in California yesterday morning.

There’s a lesson from this video, though, about the resilience of nature.  When I was a kid whale sightings here were rare, and typically only in the winter months when gray whales were migrating north (or was it south?).  For the last several years, as the population has not merely recovered but flourished, I see them in abundance, all year round.

Alas, today I have to return to the east coast for two weeks, no doubt with fresh TSA stories to tell.


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