Welcome to Power Line 3.0

Last night we switched over to a new, more newspaper-like format. The new look is propagating through the internet, and different people can see it at different times.

The most obvious difference from the reader’s perspective is that there are more posts on the front page, but you have to click on “read more” or the post title to read the entire post. This is, obviously, a tradeoff. If you don’t like that feature, just click the switch on the right side of the topmost post and you will view the site in traditional blog format.

The new site has several other features that we think readers will enjoy. Right under the masthead you will see six links. This feature allows us to link to interesting news stories or good posts on other sites that we either don’t have anything to say about, or haven’t yet had time to write about.

You will also find that the search feature on the new site, which uses Word Press rather than Movable Type, is greatly improved. You will see a “Specials” tab on the masthead. We are undertaking to categorize posts (some of them, anyway) and will be adding to this tab as time goes by. This will allow you to find all of our posts on a given topic collected in one convenient place.

You will notice other new features as you continue to use the site. We hope you like this latest iteration of Power Line. The content, of course, will stay the same.


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