Bloomberg Blowback

I’m bouncing around on a very rowdy North Sea today (I know, your heart bleeds for my trials and tribulations), but it means the satellite Internet connection I’m using is even more twitchy than usual, and as for oceanic cell phone service, fuggedaboutit, as they say in the Big Apple.

But I want at least to acknowledge the Power Line reader from Connecticut (thank you, RM), who was kind enough to leave a voice mail at my office pointing out Mayor Bloomberg’s massive hypocrisy in his attacking coal-fired electricity down in Washington DC a couple days ago.  It seems, RM points out, that many New York City schools use coal-fired boilers.  With my slow Internet, I can’t get very far with a Google search to find out the latest state of play, though it seems some NYC schools have either phased out of coal in recent years or upgraded in some way.  I did, however, discover this pizza restaurant in NYC that sports a coal-fired pizza oven.  Why hasn’t Nurse Bloomberg shut it down, using the health code if nothing else.

Meanwhile, kudos to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who has pushed back hard against Bloomberg, saying, “Coal not only built this country, but it built the skyscrapers of New York City, and without coal, the lights of that city would be dark and its economy would be devastated.”

If I had a better Internet connection I’d look up the data on New York city and state coal-fired power consumption, which is surely substantial.  Perhaps we can crowd-source this story, Power Line 2004 style, and readers can post in the comments section below anything else they might happen to find about New York’s coal hypocrisy.


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