More Songs About the Debt

So far, we have posted the two highest-rated songs that were entered in the Power Line Prize contest. One of them, Don’t You See?, finished second. But we got a lot of good songs. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to write so many enjoyable songs about the national debt, but when we have time after wrapping up the contest on Monday, we will put together a virtual album of the eight or ten best, give it some cover art, and make it a free download somewhere.

So now, here are four more songs that we thought were good, each in a different style. The first is called “Drowning” and is by Christopher Bunn:

This one is a jazz tune called “I Got Hope.” It was submitted by Rick Sherman, but I don’t think he sings it:

This one is by Matthew McMahon and is called “Out of Control.” I like the reference to “arrogant thieves and selfish knaves:”

And, finally, this one is a folk song performed by Steve Jones in front of a live audience, apparently. It is called “Hey, Big D.C. Spenders.” I especially like the introduction, for reasons that will be apparent:

To see all of the Power Line Prize videos and listen to all of the songs that we have made public so far, go to the Power Line YouTube channel,


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