Power Line Hits the Road

Posts from me may be a little light over the next 10 days.  I am away tonight to the UK, where I am a speaker on the Young America’s Foundation Reagan Centennial cruise around the British Isles, along with fellow speakers Karl Rove, Ed Meese, Walter Williams, and YAF’s intrepid leader Ron Robinson.  I’ll try to send along some dispatches, perhaps on the unfolding Morlock, I mean, Murdoch scandal, but have you ever used Internet in a cruise ship before?  It is not only frightfully expensive, but the data packets seem to be sent by smoke-signal.

This may prompt a reader question: when is there going to be a Power Line cruise?  Well I’m still the new guy here, and I don’t want to persuade the founders to blow the site’s budget on a potential boondoggle.  Also, I wonder if the whole conservative cruise scene is oversaturated at this point?  I know it is highly profitable for the magazines; National Review now runs two cruises a year, and seems to sell out both, and Bill Kristol likes to describe the Weekly Standard as a cruise line that runs a magazine on the side.  And Brother Hugh Hewitt has the alliterative “Hugh Cruise.”  So maybe we could pull it off, too.

So I’d like to hear from readers.  Would you want to go on a cruise with the Power Line gang (plus of course some special guests)?  Or maybe something like a gonzo land tour would be more fun and interesting, with the bunch of us rolling around in John Madden’s tricked out scene-o-cruiser bus, holding Power Line appearances in notable pubs and tourist spots in the midwest, like the famous “Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota” that Al Yankovic serenades, or in some kind of bus caravan?  Let us know.


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