Young Hispanics Say Cut Spending, Liberate Business

Generation Opportunity recently commissioned a poll of young Hispanics (ages 18-29). The survey was conducted in April and has a margin of error +/- 4%. The results are striking: young Hispanics, like young Americans generally, want opportunity and understand that opportunity comes from the private sector:

* By nearly a 3:1 ratio, Hispanic young adults prefer “reducing federal spending” (69%) to “raising taxes on individuals” (27%) in order to balance the federal budget.

* 70% of Hispanic young adults would decrease federal spending if given the chance to set America’s fiscal priorities.

* A 57%-majority of Hispanics agree that “if taxes on business profits were reduced, companies would be more likely to hire.”

* In a separate question, a 56%-majority concurred “the economy grows best when individuals are allowed to create businesses without government interference.”

* 61% indicated their agreement with “American Exceptionalism” – described as an ideal of freedom and democracy exclusive and unique to the United States.

These results are heartening, but they probably shouldn’t be surprising, given how many Hispanic Americans are engaged in small business. They suggest that the GOP’s message on spending and debt will find a receptive audience among young people generally.