When Will They Pepper Obama?

Michele Bachmann made the rounds of the Sunday morning talk shows today, fresh off her victory in the Iowa straw poll. After Michele has spent weeks hammering away on the economy, the talk show hosts wanted to talk about…gay marriage:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) was peppered Sunday with questions about her thoughts on gay rights, but largely refused to engage them, arguing that those issues aren’t on the front of voters’ minds. …

The winner of the Ames straw poll this weekend faced aggressive questioning in several of her appearances on the Sunday morning talk show circuit related to her opposition to same-sex marriage and controversial past statements toward gays and lesbians. …

She was pressed on the issue on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” and faced similar questions on ABC’s “This Week”….

What is it with this obsession with gay marriage? The president has little or nothing to do with the issue, which will be decided by state legislatures. And I can’t think of a single serious presidential candidate from either party who has ever gone on record as favoring gay marriage. Bachmann’s position on the issue is the same as Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s.

So why don’t reporters pepper Obama with hostile questions on gay rights? (Put aside for the moment the fact that Obama rarely answers questions from anybody.) The answer, presumably, is that reporters don’t believe Obama when he says that he opposes gay marriage, while they do believe Bachmann. So for Obama they have only a wink and a nod. I suppose Bachmann could take this as a backhanded compliment–unlike Obama, she is seen as a principled and honest candidate–but I am sure she would much rather get back to talking about the economy and the proper scope of the federal government.