Another perfect story

A long-time reader writes:

Last week, Steve Hayward thought he had found “The Perfect Story” in the attorney at the New York State Attorney General’s office who moonlighted as a dominatrix. It’s difficult to improve on perfection, but I think I can.

Consider the tale, told by Ron Suskind, of the alleged mistreatment of top female advisers in the Obama administration. It seems that the liberal culture of victimization and entitlement, and perhaps a pinch of hypocrisy, has come home to roost . . . in the West Wing of a Democratic White House. And the story is all the more perfect given the central role of the lamentable Anita Dunn.

It all reminds me of SDS, circa 1969. Except that some of those guys really were blatant sexists, not just standard-issue male power seekers with sharp elbows.


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