Chris Christie defies gravity

Over at Ricochet, Diane Ellis asks the question of the hour: If Chris Christie were to become a candidate for president, would his obesity constitute a road block to the White House? I think the answer to the question is, obviously, no. Voters are in a mood for the anti-Obama. Christie would provide the perfect contrast, right down to the waistline. Christie’s weight isn’t a glitch; it’s a feature. His weight is an element of his authenticity.

This is one question on which I would like to “weigh in” — with a few predictions. If Christie were elected president, he would move William Howard Taft’s portrait into the Oval Office. Obesity would come back into fashion again. Christie would give new meaning to the term “political heavyweight.” Perhaps most importantly for the populous baby boom demographic, “Heavy, man,” would be revived as the modish term of approbation.