Some Visuals for the Weekend

For the end of the third quarter, and to mark the end of a lousy month for the stock market (but not as bad as Obama’s months), how about something completely different, like some photos and posters.


I would definitely buy this.

If it was real.











And this is a pretty good job of turning literary  “decontructionism” on its head:













This one requires no comment.  I just wish George Lucas would quit fiddling with the Star Wars movies (unless he could make the first three prequels go away entirely).

Here’s a bottle of wine that I simply must have (hat tip: AMF):















And last but not least, Ginger Brunner, my pal in Las Vegas who is the world’s leading–maybe the world’s only–rock ‘n’ roll tuba player:

Go Ginger! Go Killians Angels!












Have a great weekend everybody.