Mr. Romney regrets

Over at Ricochet, Troy Senik draws attention to a Politico story on Mitt Romney’s visit to Ohio today. Polico reports that during the visit Romney declined to state his position on a high-profile referendum there on the new state law that curtails the bargaining rights of public employee unions. Earlier this year, however, according to Politico, Romney indicated support for the reforms signed by Governor Kasich.

Senik cruelly quotes Romney’s “typically milquetoast” statement: “I am not speaking about the particular ballot issues. Those are up to the people of Ohio.”

“What makes this whole situation even more bizarre,” Senik comments, is that at the time “Romney was at a GOP phone bank where volunteers were making calls about the collective bargaining measures when he refused his support.”

In the 2008 campaign Govenor Romney made himself a caricature of one kind of presidential candidate. This time around, he’s trying something new. He’s becoming a caricature of an entirely different kind of presidential candidate.