Photo of the Day

Autumn is coming to Minnesota. No matter how many times you’ve been through it, it sneaks up on you every year. I took this photo off my deck this morning:

It may have been the most beautiful day of the year; unfortunately, my son and I spent a good part of the afternoon watching the Minnesota Gophers get crushed by Michigan 58-0, their worst defeat in the Big Ten, ever. And “ever,” in this case, goes back a long way. On the plus side, we also caught a bit of the Milwaukee Brewers’ victory over Arizona in Miller Park, a terrific stadium about which I know way too much. It’s been a long time since I paid so little attention to a baseball season; that’s because it has been a long time since the Twins barely fended off 100 losses. So it is fun to tune in again for the postseason.

You have to take your hat off to the cheese heads, by the way: the Brewers won their playoff game today, the 7th-rated Badgers are playing Nebraska under the lights tonight, and the undefeated Packers play Denver tomorrow. People are saying it is the greatest sports weekend ever in Wisconsin, and that is probably true. But it could well be surpassed later in the fall if the Brewers advance. Here in Minnesota, our teams are pretty much all lousy these days. The only exception is the Minnesota Lynx–that’s WNBA women’s basketball–who open their league championship series tomorrow. Somehow, I don’t think the cheese heads are feeling jealous!