A problem of Obama’s own making

A long-time reader writes:

World-class whiner Barack Obama has complained to Nicolas Sarkozy that “I have to deal with [Benjamin Netanyahu] every day.” But if Obama is dealing daily with Netanyahu is it because he “has to”? Or is it because he has chosen to coerce or browbeat Israel into taking steps that satisfy the American president’s agenda, but are at odds with Israel’s perception of its interests?

I believe that if Obama halted his efforts at coercion and browbeating — efforts that have produced nothing positive for any party — he could deal with Netanyahu on a far less regular basis. Moreover, he would probably find the occasional dealings less aggravating.

I assume that Obama’s left-wing ideology prevents him for taking this happy path. But one might have hoped that Obama would be disciplined enough to refrain from complaining to one foreign leader about the natural consequences of his attempts to dictate security policy to another foreign leader.


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