Bagless in Seattle: Resistance is not futile

A reader from Lincoln City, Oregon, writes in response to “Bagless in Seattle: Victory is at hand” about creative workarounds for the Seattle plastic bag ban:

The Oregon coast town I live in is also currently considering a plastic bag ban. One gets the feeling after listening to these ardent loonies that collecting that 5-cent per paper bag extortion fee (to fund more green sillines) is vastly more important than actually bringing in reusable bags.

Readers might note that you can buy bulk quantities of small plastic garbage bags at 3 cents-per-bag or less (check Amazon or any janitorial supply firm). That’s half the 5-cent extortion fee, plus the added stick-in-the-eye value of a) still using a plastic bag (as your bring-to-the-store “reusable”); and b) diverting their expected green extortion fee to an evil dirty private industry polluter.

Sounds like a possible win-win. In any event, if you shop in Seattle, consider it news you can use. As for our reader, his name is withheld by request.


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