Two under 30

Forbes has compiled an impressive list of 30 under 30 (years old) deserving recognition in law and public policy. Taking a place of honor on the list is our own publisher, Joe Malchow (age 26): “Stanford Law student and conservative activist co-founded Internet advertising firm Integer.” Having founded and manned Dartblog as a Dartmouth freshman, Joe has provided invaluable assistance to us on Power Line since he was a sophomore or so. Congratulations to Joe for the well-deserved recognition accorded by Forbes.

Also included on the Forbes list is fellow Dartmouth alum Michael Ellis (age 27): “Ex-Bush White House official, Romney aide is a Naval Reserve officer, will clerk for [Sixth Circuit] Judge Jeffrey Sutton.” Let it be noted for the record that Paul Mirengoff recognized Michael as an up and coming conservative star here on Power Line when Michael was 20, nearly seven years ago. Congratulations to Michael for his recognition by Forbes as well.

NOTE: At Dartblog, Joe Asch expresses pride in Joe’s and Michael’s recognition here.