Abandon Hope all ye who enter here

In another story that I doubt will get much coverage in the mainstream media, the creator of the famous messianic “Hope” artwork used by the Obama campaign now admits that he has been lying about the origin of the image. He adapted it from an AP photo and has lied about it repeatedly in the interest of pride and money. Robert Gearty reports in his New York Daily News story:

The Los Angeles street artist behind the iconic Obama “HOPE” poster pleaded guilty Friday to lying about the photograph he used to create the image.

It was a stunning turn for Shepard Fairey, 42, the guerilla street artist and graphic designer who is also well known for his “Obey Giant” logo.

He appeared Friday in Manhattan Federal Court to plead guilty to misdemeanor criminal contempt. He faces up to six months in jail when he is sentenced July 16. Prosecutors said in court they would be seeking jail time.

As he pleaded guilty, Fairey said he lied for more than eight months when he contended in a lawsuit that he did not use one of the AP’s photos as the basis for the Obama poster.

Fairey explained he destroyed documents and created others to perpetuate the lie.

“I was ashamed I did those things, and I knew I should have corrected my actions, but as time passed I found it more and more difficult to admit my actions,” he said to Magistrate Judge Frank Maas.

“Violating the court’s trust was the worst thing I have ever done in my life,” Fairey said. “I was and am ashamed I did all these things.”

Fairey settled the AP lawsuit, agreeing to pay the media organization compensation for use of the photo.

C.S. Lewis gave us The Allegory of Love. Where is the Lewis who can explicate The Allegory of Fraud?


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