Coming Tomorrow: Ryan’s Hope

John already noted (“Can Paul Ryan Save America?”) the first in a series of videos from Rep. Paul Ryan that begins his rollout of the House Republican budget that will, unlike Obama’s shameful and irresponsible and wholly political budget, actually attempt to grasp the problem of runaway government spending.  Surveying Ryan’s steadiness and resolve led Michael Walsh of National Review to ask the question still on the minds of many of us: Why isn’t Paul Ryan running for President?  As with Mitch Daniels, we may later wonder what might have been this year.

As it happens, I got to chat with Paul and his wife for about 20 minutes last weekend, and was, even more than previous encounters, deeply impressed with the depth and equanimity of the man.  One comes away with confidence that he will not waver or crumple when the going gets tough.  Win, lose, or draw for the GOP this year, Ryan is going to play a significant role in the nation’s future, and especially in making sure the nation has a future.

You can watch a live webcast as Ryan unveils his budget proposal tomorrow morning at my office at AEI at 11:30 am eastern.  Power Line’s DC Bureau will be there, and will file a special report.