Not a penny more, cont’d

In “Not a penny more” alluded to the taxes baked into Obamacare as well as other taxes scheduled to take effect. Now Grover Norquist compiles a list of the tax increase in our future if we don’t do something about it soon. Norquist’s piece is “The taxman cometh.” A dirty joke hid behind the title of the Eugene O’Neill play to which the heading of Norquist piece alludes. In this case, however, the joke is on us.

Obama is not done yet. He has lots of ideas for higher taxes. Norquist concludes his compilation with the observation:

The list goes on and on. During this election season, President Obama needs to answer this question: “why do you want to raise taxes in every imaginable way when our economy is weak and millions of Americans are looking for jobs?”

It is almost unbelievable that the subject of pending tax increases has barely been touched on in the media during this election season. The media are of course doing their best to assist the Obama campaign’s misdirection.


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