GOP Takes Big Lead on Economy

Scott Rasmussen has the latest voter rankings of the parties on the ten top issues. This is a survey of 1,000 likely voters, so it is entitled to considerable weight. The biggest news is that voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on the economy by a decisive 50%-39%. While it is not unusual for the GOP to have a substantial advantage on the economy, this is the first time in five and a half years that the Republicans have hit the 50% mark.

Trust on other major issues favors the GOP as well. Republicans clean up on national security, 50%-36%; so much for Obama’s breast-beating on drone attacks. Other areas where Republicans hold big leads are immigration and taxes. Somewhat weirdly, the parties are tied on energy policy, despite all of the “green” fiascoes of the last three years. Here is the complete table:

The Republicans’ substantial lead on the issues is just one of several structural advantages the party enjoys going into November’s elections.


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