Obama leads Romney 45.1 to 39.5 in Michigan

That is the finding of a new poll taken for the Detroit News by the Glengariff Group. Given his opposition to the GM bailout, I don’t expect Romney to carry Michigan unless he wins big over Obama nationally. But the Obama camp can’t be happy that their man falls well short of 50 percent in this solidly Democratic state. And though Obama is ahead, his lead does not exceed the 4 percentage point margin of error by very much.

In addition, the poll has Romney leading Obama among Michigan independents by a margin of 4 points. Not suprisingly, independents make up a disproportionate number of the 15.4 percent of those who say they are undecided.

The Obama camp seems to be in a bit of trouble with independents nationwide, and that trouble may increase as Romney, free from primary contests, now has a bit more of the flexibility that’s helpful in appealing to these voters.