Panic, No, But Ridicule, Yes

With Obama’s poll numbers tracking the weakness of the economy, you can feel Democratic anxiety building like the summer humidity here inside the Beltway.  Sean Trende says it’s too early for Democrats to panic, and he’s probably right in general terms.  But my god man, did you see the latest item from the Obama campaign, suggesting people omit birthday and wedding gifts in lieu of giving cash to the campaign?


I was sure this was a parody at first, but it’s genuine.  Who could have thought this was a good idea?  Who could possibly be among the 11,000 people who “liked” this post on Facebook (unless it’s people ironically “liking” it for its sheer tone-deaf stupidity)?  Is the campaign that desperately short of cash?  Maybe Democrats should start to panic.

UPDATE: Most of the comments even on Obama’s own website are harsh and sarcastic.  I believe I may miss these guys when they’re gone in a few more months.  Such great free entertainment.  How about a new Twitter hashtag: #brokenAxelrod?


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